Jul 11, 2017
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6 Reason Why People Commit Suicide

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Here are the reasons why people find it easy to commit suicide.

1. You can say they’re depressed. This is without questioning that most people commit suicide out of total depression. Severe depression is always accompanied by a permeating sense of utmost suffering as well as the belief that escape from it and life itself is to end their living.

The pain of life often becomes too much for extremely depressed people to bear.

2. You can say they’re psychotic. Malevolent indepth voices give command to self-destruction for an unintelligible reasons. Psychosis is much harder to cover than depression  and arguably even more tragic.

The global incidence of schizophrenia is 1% and often strikes otherwise healthy, high-performing individuals, whose lives, though manageable with medication, never fulfill their original promise.

3. They’re very impulsive. Closely related to drugs and alcohol, some people will become maudlin and impulsively attempt to end their own lives. Once calmed, these kind of people usually feel exorbitantly ashamed.

The remorse is often genuine, and whether or not they’ll ever attempt suicide again is fathom out. They might try it again the very next time they got drunk or high, or never again in their lifetime.

4. They cry out for help and don’t know how else to get it. These people don’t usually wish to die but do not want to alert those around them that something is seriously going wrong.

They wholly believe they won’t die and frequently choosing methods they don’t think can kill them in order to strike out at someone who’s hurt them—but are sometimes tragically misinformed.

5. They’ve got a philosophical affection to die. The decision to end their lives for some is on a reasoned decision often prompted by the presence of a painful terminal illness from which little to no hope of reprieve exists. These people aren’t depressed, psychotic, maudlin, or crying out for help.

They’re trying to take control of their destiny and alleviate their own suffering, which usually can only be done in death.

6. They have made mistakes. This is a recent, tragic phenomenon in which typically young people flirt with oxygen deprivation for the high it brings and simply go too far. The only defense against this, it seems to me, is education.

The pain suicide leaves on the mind of those left behind by it are often deep and feels forever lasting. The vivid stupidity of suicide often fuels the most significant pain survivors feel.

Kolade Ayinde

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