Jul 5, 2017
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6 Things You Can Do When You Can’t Get A Job In Nigeria.

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Below are 6 things you can do when you can’t get a job in Nigeria.

1- Consider Unpaid Internships or Volunteer Work

It might seem hard, but if you find that you can’t get a paid full-time job, you can apply to firms for unpaid internships or NGOs for volunteer work. Regular companies around you and NGOs will arguably yield to this and the possibilities that they would offer you an internship position which can help you gain some experience will come striding to your door rather than just totally redundant. The experience gained will surely fetch development for yourself one way or the other and even for your society

2- Consider Selling Crafts or Offering Your Services

If you’re born with a creative soul and you’re crafty person (you like to make and invent things), you can try to sell your creativity and crafts. There are hundreds of platforms online, as well as the ones in your locality, that support this and if the patronage is good, you can actually turn it into a business. The same thing also goes to services. You can try to find work doing various tasks that you are either skilled at or ebullient about. If the reception is also good and patronage is reasonably high, you can begin to open the heart of your services and make it a business. If the business continues to trail down a successful path, you can also consider looking for entrepreneurial development initiatives and apply for them to help fund and grow your business as you continue. Bank loans can also be another alternative, if you like.

3- Network

Networking can be slightly difficult, but thankfully it can be learned and can be very useful in securing a job. So, do the best you can to attend events that offer networking opportunities. Work on selling yourself appropriately at these events because networking remains one of the most suitable ways to meet new people and get new leads. Also, be sure to ‘spruce’ your online presence and ensure it is up-to-date, professional and easily accessible to recruiters and other individuals that are or could be vital to your job search.

4- Consider Other Industries

If your job search for an interested industry becomes fruitless, do not while away your time but search for jobs in other industries. It might not be exactly what you want, but it’s better than wallowing in frustration. Besides, you just might realize you actually love this new career field and grow exponentially in it. You’ll never know until you give it a shot.

5- Review Your Resume

You might have made a mistake on your resume that turns recruiters off when they examine it. So, if you’re finding it difficult to get a job, try reviewing your resume again. Check your resume for an error free grammar and spelling, emphasize the results you achieved in your previous jobs, not just the activities you carried out, and write better cover letters. Furthermore, when you are eventually called in for an interview, learn to practice interviewing, research well about the company and be prepared to answer questions. Exercise confidence during interviews and try to deal properly with instances where you might not know the answer to a question asked. Finally, just be optimistic, don’t let your frustrations come through and don’t undersell yourself – be bold enough and state your accomplishment regardless of how small you think they are and give them good reasons why you’re the best fit for the job.

6- Don’t Stop Applying For Jobs

It might be frustrating but once you have reviewed your resume and you’re good to go, you should continue with your job applications. The best you can do to survive a no job period is to apply for as many jobs as you can, and apply for them as well as you can. You can also consider applying for low income jobs in the meantime, just to get some money to feed yourself with until you have a breakthrough with the caliber of jobs you desire.ify you for a higher level position when you decide to end the internship and return to the labour market to continue your search. In some cases, for unpaid internships, if the company is impressed with your work as an intern, they can offer you a paid and more permanent position in the firm. Internships and volunteer work are great ways to get your foot in the door at a company or firm and acquire some new skills, as well as getting some experience in the process.

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