Jun 29, 2017
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7 Reasons Why Your Stomach May Hurt After Sex No 3 Is So True

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Is it ideal for people to have pain during sex? Do you always wonder why on earth do you have it…There are some biological condition or determinant in it that you will need to know as to prevent it…Here are the seven tips below

1. Emotional Reaction to Sex
When someone says that they have stomach pain, they may sometimes be referring to their abdomen as opposed to their actual stomach. If the pain is originating from the stomach, then it could be due to a bad emotional reaction to intercourse. If you feel feelings of anxiety, stress, sadness, or irritation before sex, that may be translated into physical symptoms, such as stomach pain.

2.  Orgasm
“Why does my stomach hurt after sex?” don’t worry, in some cases, that could be your orgasm. For women, stomach pain may be a result of over contraction of the vaginal and uterine area caused by penis penetration and orgasms. This contracting can lead to the individual experiencing stomach pain.

3.  Rough Sex
It is highly possible that rough sex can lead to stomach pain after sex, due to the high amount and intensity put upon the lower abdominal area. Some women even state symptoms of constipation of diarrhoea for up to two days after intercourse.

4.   Endometriosis
During a woman’s menstrual period, the uterus lining thickens and is released when bleeding occurs, endometriosis is where the same tissue that makes up the uterus lining begins to grow in other places, such as the ovaries. If that tissue thickens and begins to bleed, it can cause pain in the stomach, as it has no easy rout in which to escape from the body.

5.  Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
PID can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia. This condition is where the uterus and the fallopian tubes become inflamed, causing pain and possibly damage. Although not many symptoms are associated with this condition, the pain may be a sign to visit your doctor, who will likely treat it with a course of antibiotics.

6.  Fibroid
Fibroids are a highly rampant occurrence that often causes no problems. That being said, fibroids can lead to pain during sex, heavier menstrual bleeding, and bleeding in between menstrual periods. Fibroids can be treated in numerous ways, and a visit to your doctor is advised to best determine the course of treatment best for you.

7.    Infections
If by chance the stomach pain that you experience is in fact pertaining to your abdomen, then it is highly possible that it is the result of an infection, such as a gynaecological or urinary tract infection.

From clinical findings. You are advised to see your doctor for better examination.

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