Feb 4, 2017
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A drop of bile(Episode 3) by Prince Joe

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#poetry is life#(Prince Joe)
(Mr Kim awake from bed to the sitting room)
Wife: honey,Guess what?
Mr Kim:not in mood!
Wife:hmmm,you still angry with me ni, am sorry now.
Mr Kim:what your problem again?
Wife: ahhh,you sounding like am a fire that hurt you all day,anyway I am cooking you your delicious food,(Rice ad beans)
Mr Kim: hmmmm,Really?
Wife: yes now,it will be ready within 24minutes.
Mr Kim: ok,but where do you get the money from,because I never gave you anything like money oo
Wife: yes love,I went to a friend of mine so lent me 4k so that why… Just can’t see you not eaten,always care.
Like you said”try to make the family firm with no circumstances”.
(Mr Kim smiles)
(The wife went in to continue the food in the kitchen,while mr Kim, was sitting on a chair thinking deeply like a lion that want to hunt for food)
Wife:Jesus help me oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Mr Kim:what happened?
(Mr Kim,ran into the kitchen with immediate effect to check her wife)
Wife:ooooo,sorry nothing is wrong with me…
Mr Kim: ahhhh,but why do you scream?
Wife: I did that to gain your attention, since I observe your mood was too dull.
Mr Kim: ahhh,Lara,you shouldn’t have done that,it dangerous now,you nearly cut my mind in danger.
Wife: wow!! Really?, that great,thank God you care for me,like I do too.
(Mr Kim left the kitchen to the sitting room with annoyance, while his wife continued the cooking)
(The parent of Lara( Kim wife),discussing on an important issue in their house)
Father: hmmmmm,mummy Lara I wonder where this country is going to,everything seems not even easy at all.
Mother: Lol,daddy Lara,why are you been childish,don’t you know Nigeria is in doom for years before now,which is the fault of our leaders, so let take that off and talk on another important issue jare.
Father : hmmmm,ok ooo have said mine,don’t be angry if I could not give you food for house stuffs someday.
Mother: ahhhhh,when your name is not Ofete,never would you try that too
Father: hmmm,have said mine.
Mother: that reminds me,I visited Lara house yesterday,and I was shocked of what her mouth was blabbing at.
Father: you have started again,iya Lara,leave Lara alone with her family, and let her learn how to hold family,plsss.
Mother: hmmmm,it sees you don’t understand what I meant at all?
Father: iya Lara I kindly understand to some extent but you taking it far with this your childish heart.
Mother: hmmmm,so you mean am a kid? That does not understand what his doing abi?
Father: Lol,do I say you are one? I was just using it as an illustration,pardon my manners.
Mother: better do.
(The father smiles)
Father: never forget when I married you, you weren’t like this fresh and clean oo I used all my money to do that.
Mother: meaning?
Father: never mind.
Mother: Lol,it is better you go to NTA,or even BBC,to inform them all that your money speaks on me till this blessed moment,shameless man.
Father: Lol,don’t be annoyed oo, it just my mind that couldn’t resist the fact I did all those things for you..iya Lara….
Mother: whatever…..
(They both went in after their discussion to eat at the dinning table)
(A teacher visited mr Kim house from his children school)
Teacher: my name is Osabeji,am a teacher from SUN RISE COLLEGE which your children are part of our student.
Mr Kim: you welcome sir,how may I help you sir?
Teacher: your child ladi represented the school for a quiz at Abuja and he won,fist position.
Mr Kim: wow!! That good,so what is it all about?
Teacher: am actually here, to tell you that your children have been given scholarship till their end of schooling as directed by the management.
Mr Kim: Jesus! Thank you.
( The teacher gave mr Kim an envelope of the scholarship,while the teacher went back to school)
(Manager with Gbenga discussing on a contract)
Manager: mr Gbenga,pls how come about this issue on ground now?
Mr Gbenga:yes sir,the issue is that we don’t know who the contract to give,and…
Manager: and what?,don’t you think we are are drawing this case too far?
Mr Gbenga: nooo,it just the matter of time sir,we will get to give who value it most sir.
Manager: you better give out,because time wait for no one,you know better.
Mr Gbenga: yes sir
Manager: what about Mr Kim? I haven’t heard of him for long now, haven’t you go in search of him,maybe to his house.
Mr Gbenga: actually my mind said he may not want to work with us either again
Manager: hmmm,mr mind reader,I pray you don’t get into trouble with this your reading of minds all around the office, a question?
Mr Gbenga: you free boss.
Manager: can you read animals mind also?
(Mr Gbenga smiles)
Mr Ghenga:noooooo,I only stable in reading humans mind.
Manager: no wonder, idiot continue reading minds.maybe when I would sack you.. You will stop then.
(They depart from the hall to their various offices)
(A car rushed in which was Adio to mr Kim compound)
Adio: Ahhhhhhh!!!!Mr Kim,there is fire ooo
Mr Kim: ahhhh fire as how?
Adio: I was going to my office this morning,and I saw something oo
Mr Kim: what tell me plssss.
Adio: your children school bus got sucked by a train.
Mr Kim: ahhhhhhhhhh
To be continued……….

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