Jun 28, 2017
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[A MUST READ] Here Are The 6 Clear Signs It Is Time To Move On, No3 Is So Important.

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Moving on is a stage some of us have to go through at a time in our lives. It does not come easy but it is part of what makes up our human existence. It is a decision to make when it hard anytime we are been disappointed or failed 
So many people still hold on to things or people that are of no importance to them. The reasons could be personal or for obvious reasons. Sometimes, moving on could be a sign you love someone but you rather let them go than hurt them.
These are some of the signs to tell you it is time to move on.
1.Loss of Respect—When your partner no longer has respect for you and treat you in manners that are not pleasing, then move on. Respect is reciprocal. There is no point staying in a relationship where your partner treats you like an option instead of a priority. Don’t try to be anew option but strive toward priority
It makes you feel unworthy and also influences your self-esteem. When your partner disregard you where people are, then you should consider moving on.
2. No Plans for future– If you are still in love with someone, it is easy for you to discuss future plans and think of ways to be better. If you or your partner see no reason discussing future plans together, then you should consider to quit. A person that loves you make you a first priority and involve you in their plans. This gives a positive signal and make you feel loved.
3. Constant Cheating– It is not normal for a person to cheat. Although, it could be caused by some factors beyond our control. If your partner sees no big deal in cheating and they do it often, then you should consider moving on. A person that cheats once is liable of doing it over and over again. It is actually dangerous putting up with such habit. You can call her a bag of prostitute package like a treasure
4. Forced conversations–    If you did not love chatting it high time you don b acquiescence Love is sweet when you don’ t need to force your partner to talk to you. When the love is still there, you talk about almost anything without restrictions. The moment you find yourself acting uninterested or there is nothing to talk about, it could be a sign. When you or your partner prefer talking to people outside the relationship, it is a sign you need to move on.
5. Feelings are absent– When you or your partner don’t see the need to be together, it could be a clear sign that you need to move on. There is no growth where feelings are absent.
If you don’t love a person anymore, there is no way you wouldn’t cheat or feel like moving on. When your partner doesn’t care how you feel, then you should know you need to move on. A relationship where feelings are absent is as good as being single.
6. Abuse– This could come in various forms. It could be emotional, physical or mental abuse. Regardless of any you are experiencing, abuse is not healthy. Any relationship that threatens your inner peace is unhealthy. When your partner becomes violent and issues are not easily resolved, it could be a clear sign you need to move on.
Moving on from a relationship does not come easily. Many people find it difficult to do this because of fear, love or pressure from society. Remember, any decision you make concerning your relationship is not about the society, but about You.
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