Dec 17, 2016
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A sage by Akinwale Peace

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Akinwale Peace/Philip Peace is a zealous writer and a poet, he enthusiastically pour out his emotions to save the dying world, put guilt at callous minds and to make some smile.
He’s a jovial person, principled and lovable.
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Akinwale Peace

A sage.

They oft’ say the world is a stage
But I’ll say the world is a sage,
Fools are those that play the game of
passion and reality, of
the likes of heaps and seed;
as they that plant and reap their seed.
The world is a sage, fools live in
it, wise words wall walls at world’s being.

The world is a sage, like the birds,
it flies round far, near as it felts;
it’s n’t directed by any
as fools could live in wise’ emit.
What pleasure has thee oh the world?
that thou hath made fools from the world,
What pleasure has storm of wisdom?
For it has hid the world sane- syn-drome.

“words from the innocent mind”
                Philip Peace

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