Aug 10, 2017
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Amazing Glo Declares Friday, 11th Of August A total Free Browsing Day For All Subscribers

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A record-breaking occurrence is about to happen in Nigeria telecommunication company, what a wonderful event! After seeing the GLOsubscribers testifying to the better experience in term of cheaper data and faster internet speed, the Wale Adenuga’s telecommunication company has brought a total breathtaking wonderful event, giving all its subscribers a whole day free browsing, 24hrs!

On Tuesday, Globacom said in a press conference in Lagos that subscribers should use 100MB and N150 on voice calls OR N250 on voice calls between Friday 4th and Thursday 10th August to qualify.

In their statement, the company expressed that this offer was brought to show the world how much they value their subscribers and what it means to be with them.

All prepaid Glo subscribers are eligible once they meet the required voice/data usage threshold for seven days. read below, their released statement:

 We appreciate the essence of the internet in contemporary world. We are through this product empowering our customers in an unprecedented way in their business, social and educational pursuits”, Globacom stated.
Globacom further explained that customers would be notified when they have qualified for the Free Data Day and that they do not need to dial any code to opt in or subscribe to any platform before enjoying the benefits.
When a customer qualifies for the offering, he would be able to enjoy free data usage anytime that day. This unique initiative is first in Nigeria and unveils a new level of freedom to use data. Now the customers can enjoy this free data on the world class new 4G LTE network of Glo,” it added.
Globacom also stated that it had strengthened its network to provide stronger voice and data services to its subscribers in keeping with its promise to change the face of telecom services in Nigeria.
It ended the statement by assuring its subscribers that it had enhanced the quality of its network to accommodate the anticipated traffic that the exciting product would add.

You don’t need to do anything to qualify for this, just meet up with the required voice/data threshold of N250 in the preceeding seven days and then you are qualified!

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