May 17, 2017
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[Articule] Something Good About Yahoo Yahoo

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They call them thieves, but to me they collect tithes,
Ten percent of what was stolen from our pride long ago,
They call it fraud but I call it fees, Paid for our unripe star that was killed by the European countries,
They call it scam but I call it right that are  paid for our stolen jewel,
Though it through illegal way but we doesn’t seems to release it willingly…Even to enter heaven need force…

Our jewel lost into hand of the unknown, Our culture was made to be subjected to foreign friend which seems to me like a friendly enemy, They give us cake and take away our source of water, just for them never to be thirsty again, And gave us nothing to quench our own thirsty!

They won’t give us willingly yet we have to take it,
Our government continuously claim a fake victory over poverty, using million to regain billion, as if million+billion won’t feed a millions of Nigerian…

Cheer to you guys that sit down at that he corner of your room, you are not EFCC but you claim alot for us out of our lost fund, though government wage war on your guys, but they fail to know that money sustain either directly or indirectly part of Nigerian economics….

I am not supporting what people tagged as wrong but I am just trying to make sense out of what people sees to be senseless.

Government of Switzerland did not release abacha money and a guy is their having a client in Switzerland and Efcc keep on chasing him,  don’t you know God sent a David for us to face our Goliath  with just a modem and system take all time as treasure….Naija gasto wise up…..

The money they receive they pay tithe with it to sustain churches, if he’s married he send offspring to school to build our nation, He bought something with it to boost the economy(Circular flow of income) He help you in laughing things( Personal fund) and also take part in social fund( Social capital) and yet you see him all evil….

I call it creativity, I am not telling you to do the same but I am just telling you to open your eyes and have a clear view of how lengthy your nose is..We can’t desire to have a clear view and continue crying…..

I see them as soldiers that volunteer to fight on our behalf without taking their image or personality into consideration!!!

Contrary view are welcome!!!

I remain a Poet
I remain a blogger
I remain A Writer
I remain a sociologist
I remain HighJustice

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