Nov 1, 2016
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Beauty Not Beautiful Poem by HighJustice♡☆♡

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Beauty Not Beautiful

Tell Alara, have seen a Queen!
Inform Ajero! have seen a beauty,
She cast and sparkling out with her beauty like that of naked sun,
Her teeth shine of like that of a fresh falling snow.

With her frown smile,
She litter the Street in it hotness and coolness,
In clashes and tussle all men were left,
Not for her, But her beauty!

Her manner seems mannerless,
Like Modake and Ife,
There exist a war between her and obedience,
With a sweet sensational kiss,
She plods toward her pride  gown all night!

Tell the ruling rulers that rule have seen a girl,
To the hawking hawk that hawks it so high in the air,
To the flying flies that fly so high in the sky,
That have seen nothing but ugly beauty!

Her cheek nurture nothing,
But insult from their day of birth,
In pleasure she discharge it to the need ,
She’s nothing but a glamorising demon!

Unto her we slam,
You are beautiful!
Unto her later we frown,
Not to her but her attitude,
Unto her we say you are beautifully ugly!!!


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