Jun 4, 2017
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Beware!! See The 7 Things That Can Destroy Your Relationship In The Blink Of An Eye

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Dating can be tricky at times, whether it’s the first date or just ordinary date with a long time partner, no matter what kind of date it is, it can be very easy to ruin a date with one little mistake.
Here are some things that can easily ruin your date with someone.
1. Punctuality:- Showing up for a date late
2. Talking about your exes, in details on a date
3.  Quarrelling:-Picking up a fight and getting passionate about it
4. Carelessness:- Texting and being on the social media during a date
5. Negligence:- Not being interested in what your date has to say
6. Poor Orientation Picking an inappropriate venue for a date
7. Complaint:- Complaining and nagging during a date Showing up for a date late

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