Dec 29, 2016
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Dear, brethren of sins with no liberation;
Products of the societal menstruation,
Thus called chichidodo from day old
Into which forms of atrocities hold.

Seven ribs, products of societal messes,
Therein, ladies hum to the tune of caresses,
Tune of caresses, play from hymns of lust.
Lust, little or no pay, disguise is the cost.

Today, kept in yesterday, tomorrow in rampage,
Frivolous lives, intelligence, beauty in the garbage.
In the garbage, best brains are left drained,
Perhaps, was washed away when it rained.

Norms, hypocrisy, bribes paid as tithes,
Privileges are handicapped, nothing exists as rights.
Saints are dense, onto the hands of heroes are blood,
Truths are staled, lies are woven in the mouths, flood.

The rich of this world are lazy,
Let the ears hear, society is crazy.

Ololade Akinlabi(Olholhadey)
Title-  Chichidodo
© 2016

Chichidodo- Ghanaian name, chichidodo hates excrement  but feeds on maggots that grow in lavatory

          Retitle- CHICHIDODO

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