Jun 22, 2017
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Conservative Reaction To Cyber Crimes In Nigeria (yahoo yahoo) – Michael Godspower

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      Prior to the precolonial era, where we had more of the agrarian mentality.life was homogeneous and peaceful. Until industrialization crept in.
This paved way for technological advancement and innovation. A very crucial one was the invention of computer,laptops and wide area networks (internet).this has been of great advantage,thus it has been a yardstick that aided globalisation and social upgrade.
Despite its benefits, it has paved way for negative exploitation.
Nigeria has be stamped with a popular tag [the country of cyber criminals] youths of today are been fascinated by the jet age system of living, thus every ones desire is to dupe foreigners and other foreign agencies in exchange for money.this is very prevalent in every society in Nigeria where we have jobless boys who engage in cyber crimes and call themselves working boys. It’s really sad to affirm that this has curtailed free movement of youths in all the nooks and cranies of Nigeria. Well do we really blame this boys? To a short extent I do not blame them but I blame the governing system of our so called Nigeria.
A society blessed with numerous natural resources and yet we don’t have anything to ourselves,or should I mention the who spend a fortune going to school to become somebody I life. At the end this youths end up accomodating disapointment. What a bad outcome, this has pushed our youths to the bench of commiting fetish acts(ritualism).
There is a contradicting outcome in the interplay between the youths and the government. The youths keep making illegal money from cyber crimes and it has gone as far as having disciples who becomes the successors of this extremists. This act has been indirectly legalised by youths, I used the word indirectly legalised because ETIMOLOGICALY, because this has transcended from one society to the other as a result of socio cultural influence.
I strongly advise this mayhem should be curbed and given huge attention to. The youths of today are leaders of tomorrow and their leadership impacts are really showcasing itseld in a negative light.i believe it is seperate the melon from the shaft.
Youths should take a stand by reporting this activities to the rightful authorities, and our penal institutions should stop imbibing the habit of bribery. Nobody knows the faith of Nigeria.things are gradually going to a ground zero for those with the right thoughts.the shaft is already poisoning the melon.Nigerian youths should take a stand.there won’t be any social change without a social movement.
Let’s take a stand and match to a change.
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