Dec 18, 2016
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Download Take Me Home (Music by Micheal Ace)

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Micheal Ace is here with yet another track titledTake Me Home ….
• Title: Take Me Home (Prod By Rexrain)
• Music Size : 4.84 MB
• Artist: Micheal Ace
• Music Duration: 00:03:31
There is a melody in every battlecry
The one that brings back the memory of home
A song pops up whenever tears crawl onto our tongue
A song with the lyrics of better days to come
So watch as i break through this scary silence
I am going home, buddy, I am going home
-Hook by Micheal Ace
Say to my friends and my foes tomorrow
That now, I am helpless like a flame burning low
But when I climb to the edge of tomorrow
My story shall become last hope for this world
-Bridge by Micheal Ace
You cannot get enough of the track until you download


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