Dec 16, 2016
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ENGRAVED by Miss ♡♡♡Love♡☆♡

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Six tardy feet on an untidy road,
Bodies enwrapped in blankets against cold,
Three rugged staffs on an adventure,
Six searching eyes on a little crystal pebble on high.

Travelling with a shinning pebble as a map,
Determined to see and to worship,
Angel believed, Herod disobeyed slyly.
Only wise heads chooses the right eggs.

Seeing is not only believing but also worshipping.
Having given the kingly gifts to the born king of kings,
Six tardy feet returned to their place of residence.
Their names never known, heard or written,
But a name they made for themselves in the minds of men.

“THREE WISE MEN” written on “a Golden paper, Frank’ ink and a Myrrh pen”
Engraved, not only in the sands of time but also in the minds of men.


        ✍🏽 ♡♡♡♡MISS♡♡♡ LOVE♡♡♡♡

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