Dec 19, 2016
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Every One Has His Death by Akinwale Peace

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Every one has his death.

When death’s chilly hands softly touch and all
shiver in cold of death, some tumble fall,
Some quiver like the storm, some die ‘fore death.
But the sun still stands straight on the sea’s depth.

When death’s chilly hands softly touch in two,
And the feelings of death and life lay too;
And the air of death and life be on verge
Then will I live ‘fore death draws me collage.

For in this death will I choose life, at night
when the moon comes will I tell tale of light,
And when I live after death, light be shamed
for my death dies while I live unashamed.

And when I live unashamed of my death,
Then will all know; every one has his death.

“words from the innocent mind”
             Philip Peace

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