Jul 17, 2017
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For Boys Only!!! 7 Types Of Girl You Should Not Marry

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There are certain types of women you do not want to come across let alone date and doing so would result to making the biggest mistake of your life.

The ideology that the feeling you have for the girl is pure that moment. Now, as read with care also take to heart of the girl falls into this categories and take some advice and find a cure for your love before it buries you underneath a truckload of disaster!

These set of girls are so hot, they can burn:

1. Your best friend’s sister

This seldom happens, whether Nollywood, Hollywood nor real life. To the girls it is not a big deal to go out with their brother’s friend, but guys remember, it is a pure clean bad idea, and if it comes knocking on your heart demanding for request don’t allow the ladies folks, lure you into such a relationship.

Guys, your friend does not want you close to his sister probably because he knows your mode of operation and he does not want his sister to become a name in your hall of fame. Besides that, would it not be awkward for you to start sharing relationship details with your girlfriend’s brother

Remember, if you are really serious about it, let your friend know about it first. And even if he approves, accept the possibility of losing that friendship. You win the girl and lose a friend

Worst case scenario, you end up breaking her heart and you get into a fight with your best friend, you’ll lose the girl and a friend.

2. In a relationship

When you know a girl is already in a relationship before you meet her, the best advice for you is to let her be. There is no way it is going to turn out perfect.

If a girl is in a relationship before you met her, and she still agrees to date you, what does that tell you? Yes, she is not the faithful type and definitely not a keeper.

If she is in a relationship and refuses to go out with you because she is in a relationship, then that is a trait you should cherish, too bad she is not faithful to you. And you should not wait by the corner waiting for another man’s relationship to crumble.

Even if you decide to be just friends, you already have feelings for her, and that might put her relationship with the other guy in jeopardy.

3. The Underage

This might seem like common sense, but some people need beam of light to their brain.

It does not matter how big the girl appears, or how matured she seems. As long as a girl is below 18 in Nigeria, she is clearly off limits.

4. The Superstar

Everybody’s girl deserves some attention from her lover (to show her that you care for her). Some girls just think that the world is a stage and they are the star. When she talks, she wants everybody to listen, when she is in trouble, everybody should console her.

She wants to be the center of your thought, she’ll want you to put her before your sibling, parents, friends and sometimes even your job. She is ready to devise techniques for special attention; cry, play victim, lie, just about anything. As long as you supply her with an unending touch of attention she is okay.

At first, you would be ignite that you mean so much to somebody and then she would begin to drain the living being out of you, the stress would spun twice your age physically and if you do not run away from such a girl in time, you might derailing from the path to healthy life.

5. High Maintenance

If your income is trailing behind her needs then it would be a good idea to run ‘440’ for your dear life and pocket. At first, you might kid yourself into thinking that as time goes by her needs are going to dwindle. You continue to kid yourself until you realize that the goal of this girl is to bankrupt your future.

It is almost impossible to have a relationship without spending money, but if her love for you is going to be on a per-second-billing then you should also know that you will be disconnected when you run out of “airtime” and she is going to “port” to the next guy with the most cash.

6. The ex-girlfriend

There is a reason why she is your ex, you should never forget that. You might be tempted go back to your ex whenever you are bored or lonely.

As a rule, you never go back to your ex-girlfriends. It is like the proverbial going back to your vomit.

You might start to get nostalgic and all, but you should remember that there was a reason she is in your past and that should be the same reason she should remain there.

7. Your co-worker

Your co-worker is that girl that should not be on your radar when searching for a relationship.

You could lose your job because of this girl and she might dump you three days after you get fired for having an affair with her.

Even if you do not get fired because of her, you might create unnecessary enemies, especially when she is hot and everybody wants her, including your boss.

She is also going to be a huge source of distraction. And just in case she is the boss’ daughter, it is a huge no-no.

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