Jan 29, 2017
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Greatly penned….Why We Will End by Mused

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Even when our eyes was shut,
And the hour of our heart was rigid
what could have blinded them?
Even then,
No one was willing to bring back her memories.
No one was willing to drift along with the tears
of themselves
Glinting at moon light.
A child was abducted by bandits,
Went a little girl to save him.
She never returned,
She was held hostage.
Who were the victims,
Who were the last tears that dropped on their
Everyone sat looking blindly,
no one was held responsible.
They came,
The gathered,
They journeyed,
They fathered,
They came forth with empty hands;
Where went their offsprings?

They brooded in silence,
Their tongue,
tasted their gross smell.
They tasted the agony of ageing,
They grew grey fur;
under their armpit
was a boil that never healed.
The best was deprived of them,
Then cometh conscience;
Pricked them:
Two children went they before ours,
Were they killed or still alive?
Go in quest for them, let’s…..

They provoked the heaven to sun the rain,
The moon clinched the stars,
The land went upside,
Arrows stroke the air,
Many wept an ocean of their own blood,
Many danced along to the tune of them;
who suck their own breasts.
They never returned,
They were defeated.
They were forgotten in history,
but, a bit of their memory were scribbled on our
Silence silenced them,
behaved that way.
The sky wasn’t shoved,
The sky never cease to be,
but ,
why did they believed heaven is everyone’s
Why did they believed their fake plea will be
heard by him?
” Everything will end,
before then,
Don’t get paralyzed by your deeds”
Mused Copyright 2017
All rights reserved.

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