Dec 18, 2016
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When the seas roar and hiss at my calmed storm:
And my words fly off like birds in disrupt,
When my words smell rough my worth and the storm
ease at my words. I have no worth that worth.
My mind shaken with unfear fears, I’d hurt
no one but my mind panic in ease, hurl
of timidity robbing my mind of
peace as my hands smell pleasant odours of…

Of peace my heart skipped a bit and of piece
My ecstasy revives, I know not peace
even when I had committed no sin,
My words hurt me, ev’n in innocency.
What worth is worth this piece?
Troubled within,
I had no sin but guilt: guilt from within,
Guilt of been weak when I’m strong; guilt within:
Guilt of hatred when I love; guilt within.

And if this guilt could pass me by and by
And they wave hands to bid me the good bye,
Tho’ the broken fence still stands still, good bye
might close the guilt within as the doors by
the prison gate, I hate the face I love
as it’s my fave’ in disgrace of that love,
But I love the heart that love, cos I love
the guilt  that made me know my worth of love.

“words from the innocent mind”
              Philip Peace

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