Nov 6, 2016
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HighJustice’s Pen bleeds again titled “I am immortal”

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With my gown covered with flame,
Always I ride on a golden wagon,
Like the Israelite fear pharoah,
My allegiance is truthfully swore  with fear,
Then I am as fearless as  a brave lion.

To my half dead body, I slam in despair.
Wake up thy soul away from spirit world,
Only to rule on earth forever,
Like dominion who dominate all,
For I am immortal.

Fear those that are fearful, for they are fearless.
Abscond from the killer, for they can kill and not be killed.
With my undefeated,
I duel with death in brutality,
For I am immortal!

Live long in life,
Is the chorus chanted to my deepest heart,
Sweeten my soul and mesmerise my pride.
With my deadly rod,
 I walked down the street in my immortality gown,
For I know I am the immortal!


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