Sep 21, 2016
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HURDLES BY-Olalekan Uthman

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The long white straight-curved lines
Are drawn beneath our feet,
Octave we are
Under the throne of life
We run after.
The sky records us
With his blue eyes camera from above,
The sun lights up on our lanes
With his spherical bright bulb,
The Angels cheers us all
With their purified wings
And the stars shoots his deathless gun upon us.
Certainly, the race has begun!
But then we perceived barrier
Obstacles before us.
We could run not backwards
For we are heading to the finish-line.
The hurdles hindrance
Our progress throughout the race of life
And my “Bolt” body was drenched with agony
For no human could help me
Run my race of life.
So I turned to the Man above
Where my curved lane directed me,
For he made my precious feet
Bring me glory
To prevail over the impediments
I encountered on my way of life hurdles,
And the Angels applauded me
And happily flew me to the seventh kingdom in peace.
         By;- Olalekan A.

Olalekan Uthman is a
Nigerian semi- professional poet. His love for poetry grew when he advanced to
the Senior Secondary School in 2009 and he also wrote his first poem titled
‘The Uncertainty’ that same year. The poem got international recognition as it
was published on several international poetry sites. His environment inspires
most of his works. Olalekan Uthman has won numerous poetry contests and also
has been tamed a punstar by renowned poets. “I can never forget my
literature teacher Mrs. Anyanwu she saw the potential in me first even before I
did and she also helped me developed my love for writing”.
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