Dec 19, 2016
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If Tears Will Come by Mused

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If tears will come:

If tears will come
let it come as fire.
There is manner in manipulating ones pain,
there is a way to man-trap pasts,
that steals one’s attention into moving again.

If tears will come
let it burn out our desires.
let it be known,
let it come not
as rain that shy our faces
and later rain marks
on this platform of shame.

Let it burn,
it is piercing when you can’t express your feelings.
let your shrill voice occupy the space within,
if that alone would ease your heart and find you a palace to reign.

If tears will come,
let it wind the shut door of your despair
let the shroud of your happiness dance out the world naked;
Because, you have chosen to shun fear.

If it will come,
let it come as letters
let it come as lamps
that travel wishes up the sky.
if it will come,
let it come as show,
create memorable characters,
make them concubines of your lordship.
If tears will come,
let it perfect a reflection of light not darkness.
let your eyes yearn for sunshine
and your face to shimmer a non-stop smile to its fullness.
remember to let it burn,
and let it burn!!!!

Let thy sorrow be shipped away
let the stars in your soul twinkle in your fore-eyes,
let the past go, away
do away from hostility;
if tears come, believe its for a remedy…..
let it burn,
let it come as fire!!!!!

Let it come as fire,
if it would be felt.
let it come as fire
if that is what you desire.
let it burn
let it burn
let it burn!!!!

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