Jun 21, 2017
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If You Search These Words On Google, You’ll Get Arrested

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What should you never look up on Google or else you will get in trouble with the government?
google is always there as our teacher but we don’t dare ask some silly question from teacher. google too have have those words we should never search, deafen our ear to this will definately land us in jail

Never search for “Pressure cooker” and “Backpack” at the same time on Google, or else you might get a visit from the authorities.

How do I know this? Because it has happened before …. ‘Pressure
cooker’ and ‘backpack’ Internet search prompts visit from feds: Long
Island woman claims.

Michele Catalano, a blogger from Long Island, was researching
pressure cookers to make some delicious quinoa; meanwhile, her husband
was looking for backpacks for his job. It just so happened that these
items were also used in the Boston bombing incident earlier that year.

This sparked some interested in the family and Catalano got a visit
from the authorities, who after learning who these people were, quickly
dropped all suspicion.

Still, it goes to show that you should be careful what you search in Google—you never know who is watching.

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