Dec 19, 2016
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In A Womb. by:-Mused

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In a womb
In a womb
where bombs of music are ,
Shots thrown at shots
Pillars fell over walls of
Filled Woven basket of iniquity,
Which is
The revelation to its own genesis.

In a womb
Of commoner’s thought
Where doubt and fear abides
Where curiosity champions
Over lives, particularly baked
In an oven of distrust and

In a womb
Of life who breathed life
Unto lives
Of sickled lifeless lives
Of both paternal and maternal
Illusion and destruction
Paralyzing dreams yet fulfilled.

In a womb
Of barrenness
Where fruitful seeds turned ripe
Mocking sumptuous eyes
Of bareness
And of dissection.
In a womb
Where plethora of miseries
hath been found
When coarse ridden mind
Bursts into tearing tears
From both body and the heart.

In a protruding womb
of discouragement
Emphasizing more of ill-lucks
My brethren encounters at large,
Which causes their groaning belly
And of complaints, which is yet uttered.
In a womb
Of disgust
We were established
In a womb of mysterious miseries
And of disastrous experiences
Which only our lips and our eyes can brag of.
In a womb, where by people abides
In a womb, “Nigeria”.


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