Sep 10, 2016
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Ispboye did it again

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We Must Try To Be Handy

Describe me the way you want but always tell yourself the truth. The only truth we have in us, is our ability to see through what we have, and do good with our precious time positively.

We are many things in a one, and it is not as different as we seem to see what and how we are. The day we tell ourselves the truth, on that same day we live without been lazy.

The purpose of living, is a siege in our hearts. To discover our true selves. We worth what we are, and we can be worse than how we are. Once we don’t have a purpose. Once there is no ettles and directions.

Once we can’t feed our mouths, with the spoon in our hands. Once we don’t engage our lives into meaningful tasks, to rebirth ourselves for a purpose. It is assumed, we are useless and helpless.
Because ignorance fuels foolishness.

Only the right time, implies the right decision and the right steps. Overgrown teeth, is always meant for chewing. Once we make good decisions with all tangibility. It is totally assumed, we have bore a hole where tomorrow’s indolence would pass.

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