Nov 6, 2016
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Journey continue with episode 7 by Boluwatife

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The Journey

Episode Seven

Bode was shocked when he received a text from the doctor about larinde’s condition,he had rushed down with his wife and to their greatest surprise he was having his breakfast.
‘This is a miracle Lara,I hope am not dreaming!
‘You are not sweetheart,it is really larinde’
‘Thank you lord for this,I really appreciate you’ he look up as tears roll down his cheeks,larinde noticed their movement and looked up.
‘Hey why are you crying?Bode rush towards him and hug him tightly.
‘I thought am gonna lose you’
‘Thank God you didn’t, am OK now’
‘Yes you are strong in the lord’ lara answered with a lovely smile.
‘Have you headed from Stella?
‘Hmmm…. I
‘You guys know about it?
‘Yes we do’ that both replied him.
‘What do you know?
Lara smiles ‘I noticed that she isn’t patient about your return,she thought you will never come back,she feels like you don’t love her anymore, so you decides to drop her using your job as an excuse,but I try to straighten things, I try to share my experience, how I had faith in my husband,am so sorry larinde’ she said in tears
‘I could see your marriage almost crumbling, but I was unable to…..she broke down in tears as her husband supports her.
‘Lara I trust you,your husband is the most lucky man on earth, I know you must have done everything you could, I know thank you’
‘Am sorry man’ bode taps him on the shoulder.
‘She is seeing another man’
‘That is not possible’ Bode and Lara exclaimed
‘That is the bitter truth,but I noticed something,I can’t really get it,the guy looks familiar there was something different about him’ he tries to rack his brain.
‘Please don’t think too hard,get better before you start thinking about that’
‘Bode you don’t understand,I still love Stella I really do,I don’t know why she thinks of me in that way?but I feel she really needs my help.


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