Nov 13, 2016
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Journey continue with Episode 8 by Boluwatife

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Episode eight

She was standing in the cold and dark,shivering all over.
She was on her way home from school,having concluded her last paper.
Unfortunately the bus broke down and was not heeding to repair, the passengers have to sort themselves out by getting another bus,Stella was so kind hearted that she allowed others to go ahead of her,since she wasn’t far from home.
She thought she would get a bus from the nearest park,unknown to her it has been eradicated,she became stranded.
She tried to stop on coming  vehicles but none was tender hearted to stop as a result of past experience and stories of robbery in her manner of approach.
It was getting darker as her hope of getting a saviour gets dimmer.
She begin to cry like a baby,suddenly she sensed some movement behind her,she turn around behold someone with the stature of a bouncer stood before her, she turn around to run  surprisingly someone else in the same look was in front of her,she began to scream with her eyes closed.
Few seconds later she opened her eyes to see the men on the ground like fallen trees, she was shocked,she looked up and saw her saviour before her.
The young man stretch forth his hands to help her up as he walks her to his car,she was still shock.
‘What are you doing here all alone?
‘It a long story,thank you so much’
‘It nothing, I hope you are not hurt?
‘I am not but am still shocked’
He smiles ‘you are now in safe hands,just calm down’
‘Alright’ she smiled back,before she knew it she was fast as sleep.
* * * ***********
Stella woke up the next day,the environment was strange to her,she could not remember anything.
‘Where am I?
‘Did he kidnapped me?
‘What’s going on?
Suddenly the door opened from behind it was larinde, he walk in with and sit by the beside.
‘I hope I did not startle you?
‘You just did,where am I?
‘In my house, you slept off yesterday and I don’t know where to take you to,so I brought you to my place’
‘Oh I forgot,thank you so much’
‘Go and freshen up so you can come for breakfast’
‘Ok, thank you so much’ he walk out from the room without replying her.
‘Whaoo this is an Angel, he is really an Angel.

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