Dec 20, 2016
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Just Smile by Noel O. Louis

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This life is full of struggles
Daily, you must be faced with the hustles
For a better tomorrow, you face the bustles
“Tomorrow must be better than today,” on this, you have built your castles

This struggles want to have you bent
An experience for both the sinner and saint
But you determine never to be drenched
By the heavy downpour of a daily stress

You keep your head high
Keeping hope alive is now your daily style
Of staying afloat, reaching for the sky
Trusting that heaven will give you wings to fly

Let not the struggles of life take away your smile
No need to fuss; just put them together and send to God in facsimile
Never lose your reason to smile
After all is said and done, just smile

 By Noel O. Louis

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