Dec 19, 2016
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Lemme Be Your Lackey Awero.. By:-Mused

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Lemme Be Your Lackey Awero

When will Awero stay out of my dreams?
Because, right now, everything about me is swimming out of focus.
I know you are a hell of a lot pretty
I have touched your beautiful face when it sleeps
I have observed your abundant breast
I have watched you whine your behind
and I am damn standing up all over my head,
as if I had recently been struck by lightning.

You know you are the hollow in my heart
You make my breath travel… Home and afar.
When other eunochs wink at you,
I turn purple with envy.

Let me tell you clearly now, and please do understand
that anyone who lusts for you is my enemy.
Your white cotton eyeball ,
Your sun-washed bob hair, glorious dark.

Awero ooooo
The scent that comes out of your armpit is a natural deodorant.
Your clapping butt and your stride
are a nemesis, Awero……
The birds could tell you there is an angel who just passed,
The leaves had clapped its arms and gasped its mouth for air.

You see….
The puffy white cloud drifting across the pale blue sky is heaven
Your smile is a paradise, I wish I was lost into.
Hand me your shoes,
Baby lemme walk with you,
You are my baby,
On my chest you were tattooed.

Let down the sun
And up the moon
Let’s kiss the star
and paint every waking moment of our lives.
Lemme be your lackey,
Trust me, you will be lucky.


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