Dec 19, 2016
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Let Me Run After Her by Mused

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Let me run after her

Is it because you miss me
your eyes melts?
Is it because love is a good thing
you acted foolishly?
I have traded my conscience,
Lost my pride,
Thrown my heart into the deep ocean
I have never been serious with myself
Or those who cared for me.

It was too late….
She is already gone with the soothing atmosphere she planted around me
She has taken away the meek
and honest look,
she once gave me;
The river of her tears,
she left at my doorstep has flooded everything around me.

I can still hear her sighs ringing in my ears
The click of her heels, dug a hole in my head
I should have been nice to her,
I should have clung unto her,
Gather her in my arms,
Fondle her tresses,
Undress her fear,
Paddle her cleavage with kisses
Unusually tap her from behind with hugs.

She could have been the mother of my children,
Make herbs with me and hunt for lobsters.
I should have behaved well to her,
Caressed her
Loved her
Liked her
Chase her about
Jump at each other
Go camping…………
And….. Sighs.

Now that she is gone,
Let me run after her,
Probably, she could be waiting.


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