Jun 27, 2017
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Letter To Men – Decent Innocent Junior

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Dear men,
Women are not vehicles taken to a mechanic for panel beating, so stop hitting her like one, else you will end up destroying the vehicle instead of repairing.

Women are not sex machines, so stop feeling you’re too loaded like an ATmachine that even when not satisfied, you’re capable of affording another ‘ass’.

Women are not bend down select materials littered on the floor, so respect their personality, value them like cloths bought at the boutique and stop treating them like rags used in cleaning urines.

Women are special, they should be treated as one. Love and care for them; give them cloths not rags, love, not hate, bread, not stones, because the world would have be boring without them and to most successful men, there is a reasonable woman.

Thanks, yours faithfully,
Decent Innocent Junior

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