Jun 27, 2017
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Letter To Riches And Wealth – Decent Innocent Junior

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Dear uncle Richy,

It is in this letter have I decided to paint my true feeling. For years, you’ve be a successful importer and exporter and this has been your source of riches and wealth. As a good man, you’ve been fair to me in cash, which I so much appreciate. But dear uncle Richy, I wish not to be fed, it makes me a child, I want to be an adult, who is capable of feeding himself.

If you truly want me to succeed, if you truly love me; save your meal, for I want to starve learning how to cook mine… so I come to you, however this time I don’t need cash, I want to learn the ways of your hands.

The money you often give to me is only enough for a day and it makes me a beggar, but teaching me the secrets of making money will be enough for a life time and life will be more fairer.

Thanks, yours faithfully,
Decent Innocent Junior

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