Jan 27, 2017
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Life continues!!! … By:- HIGHJUSTICE

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Life continues!!!

Life like a lake,
Stagnant like a dam,
The time thick fast in haste,
As it wait for no one,
We battle with hurdle yet we never overcome,
With a miraculous fetish way,
Though we forget life continues.

The hardest part life offer us,
In exchange for the sweetest goodies of life we request,
We caused all havoc in God’s name,
Yet we never know there exist a dark cloud before the breakthrough of the sun.
Life continues!

Life moves past our age,
We feel to tussle with life hurdles forever,
But later we fell off, Yet life never fell with us,
But we fail to know life continues.

Time await no one,
Life await no being,
We cheat with time,
But never do we cheat on time no matter how cheap it is,
A dine of our bribe neither do he collect to smile on us,
We wish he could not move past us,
But later we know
With or without our existence?
Life Continues!


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