Dec 19, 2016
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Marriage.. By:-Mused

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Marriage is one path of investment,
where loss and gain garbage in and out;
A version of purity and transparency
where songs of truth and lies are sung in diverse languages and noises.

A grand and blissful one
when the knot is tied,
Approval commences,
Denial seeks,
Vengeance holds power of wielded sorrow the heart bled.
This vermilion stood guard on her forehead .
The verve of happiness
stood out her gaze at the verdure planted off shore
The joy of her breath brought harmony and fun.
The clarity of her insight emphasizes more of coarseness than its truth;
which has the beginning of many ideas sprung up out of the blue.

The mission and reasons are forgotten
The blessing sustains or vanishes
Emotion and feelings could be veiled or not;
probably a venomous seed had grown in their belly.

They come,
They spout nonsense,
You listen,
They leave,
but, nothing changes.
The home falls apart,
The dummy remains the victim,
The marriage fails,
The children drips in misery.

But, marriage was said to be a blessing,
A blessing of bitterness
and sweetness.


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