Nov 30, 2016
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MMM means man making money read more on it and how to register!

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*1.Meaning of MMM?*
Mavrodi Mondial Movement
*2. Function and duties of MMM?
• MMM gives you a technical platform which helps
millions of participants worldwide to connect
those who NEED HELP to those who are ready to
*3. Purpose of MMM?*
• To reduce and break the chain of slavery in
financial institution where depositor are being
enslaved by their own money, where bankers
lives large and healthy on our deposit while
depositors lives on credit and loan.
• To reduce stratification and reduce wide gap
between the Rich and the poor indiscriminately.
*4. Who is behind it?*
• Sergey Mavrodi
*5. Is mmm legal?*
• There is no law backing donation as illegal. So,
it’s legal to donate to one another
*6. Is your money guaranteed?*
• There are no guarantees and promises. Neither
explicit nor implicit.
*7. What does the initiator gets in return?*
• Loyalty, money from traffic (over 2 million
people access the site in a day)
*8. How is the community managed?*
• From money got or raised from the traffic
• They also continue to PH and GH
*9. Who manages it and where does the money
comes from? Site subscription etc.?*
• The community is managed by continuous PH
and GH that is, YOU and ME which guarantees
the number of traffic per day
*10. Where does the 30% comes from?*
• It is gotten from the donations made by the
community. For instance,
Titi deposited #1,000,000 in the bank while
Tola, Bola, Tunde came to withdraw their savings
of #200,000, #150,000, #500,000 respectively
meanwhile, an interest of 1,000, 1200, 2500
respectively was added to their money after it
has lasted for more than 2months in the bank.
So, Titi’s money was used to pay the 3 of them
regardless of ‘WHO, WHEN and HOW’. This implies
that both interest and capital received are from
the deposits made. Only in some exceptional case
where money are fixed for a long time.
So in MMM it’s similar, all rewards comes from
conti —

This is our rule here
Don’t advertise any other program in here. No
warning for mistakes. It is straight removal
from the group.
Don’t post religious stuffs in here!! We all have
our personal beliefs. If you can’t keep it to
yourself, please share to your personal whatzapp
list. No warning for mistakes. It is straight
removal from the group.
Don’t insult anyone in here. Whether politely or
impolitely. No warning for mistakes. It is
straight removal from the group.
Well these are not cast in stone and it is not
made to create fear in anyone!!
Its just a guide to maintain a level playing
ground for all.
You can always keep the rules if you love MMM.
PH – Provide Help
GH – Get Help
PO – Personal/Private MMM Online Office
DL – Downline
UL – Upline (Your Referrer & Guider & Guider’s
PMT – Payment
EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer
POP – Proof of Payment
DD – Direct Deposit
CRO – (Control and Revision Officers) MMM
Policing body
who monitors MMM System & Participants to
ensure rules
are being adhered to and participation is fair
and respectful.
MORATORIUM – Your MMM Account has been
frozen. 1st
sign – you cannot GH or no PH Allocations. You
need to
verify yourself. Create Support Ticket, submit ID,
Copy of
Bank Card, Bank Verification Letter which
states your full
name, ID, Bank Card and Bank Account
Number, and all your
social media links ie Facebook, Twitter etc.
LOH – Letter of Happiness
VOH – Video of Happiness
WA – WhatsApp
VN – WhatsApp Voice Note
PEEPS – Beautiful MMM Participants

Are you tired of waiting for your parent to send
you money?
Do you ever wish to be independent financially?
Do not go beneath the sea just because you want
to get something that is very much around which
you can see…..
There exist a organisation call MMM.
This is how it work.
1) You register online
2) You provide help
Then your money start growing one percent every
Which will be 30% after 30days
But there exist a amazing offer for you…
If you are capable of meeting 20000naira you
will receive 20USD plus your 30%
How to register is simple
Simple method to register on MMM follow d steps
Firstly visit
[email protected]

1. Go to registration at the top right corner
2. Fill in your name(nick name is ok)
Your email address and phone number using
+234 to replace the first 0
3. Enter your password and re-enter it on the
second box to confirm it
4. Where you have ‘invite’ put my link there
*[email protected](if it is empty)*
5. Where you have ‘your guider’s email’ input
*[email protected]*
6. Where you have ‘your guider’s phone number’
input *+2347034788858*
7. Where you have ‘how did you hear about us’
choose friend or any other category you like
8. Enter the code from the picture and check ☑
the warning box
9. Then click register in mmm
Good to go u are now a member of this great
For subsequent login visit
For further information
Call 07064778744
WhatsApp 08104687338

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