Sep 10, 2016
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Mused finally penned it- The Hidden Pot by Mused

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The Hidden Pot:

Lo! My aching heart now seek solace
My dripping wrapper drenched with blood.
Just because,I was raised a pauper,
Just because,your father is a lawyer Dimeji.
I know I am loathsome,wretched and helpless Dimeji ,but I have got a big heart to succour other people wounds.

My lineage sacrificed their lives
Fought trials till their last breathe,
Was a victim of bankrupt,which brought disaster into our home.
I heard,we once was brought up with silver spoon,
Even,if today you see,we are chasing is a fool.

Dimeji,you must understand.
You should have been told about,life and how it spins around and around.
You should know this,lad,
Even,a mad man understands this.
Have you any jilted moments?
Have you any grave memories?
Have you considered,why I am lacking?

You won’t understand us.
You do not have the experiences,
You do not know,what we have been missing ,Dimeji.
We are like a wing less bird,hoping to soar high.
We are weed,amidst seedlings,
We are thorns,surrounding flowers.

We are Dimeji,the hidden pot,
The flavor of any cooked soup
We are servants,slaves.
We are useful for their future,
But,we are forgotten,there after.
So,now dimeji,
Mock me less,
Marry not my tears,
For,I have brought forth,not a gain to anyone.
Let me rest in peace…..


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