Jan 29, 2017
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Mused Penned it again “AJIUN”

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O ba mo si lo.
Your antonym is the synonyms of my sadness.
You have given me enough,
Heart ache and lonliness,
So please let me off your hook.
Ajiun your bamboo figure,
Your robust hips
Caught my eyes shouting a closure;
Come on , come on
Get close, get close,
Your suicidal water melon boobs,
Your wondrous gait,
Your dimple, ajiun,
Your gap teeth,
The sun of your smile
The imprint of your stride
Your drumming hips
Gbada gbudu gbada
A heavy laden!
Save me from this prolonged non sense,
Make I, not savor brain less on the okra stem
that my hands reach not.

Will you stop firing shots recklessly,
Because, my head may mad at you
recklessly too,
The stench of your presence is gross
Even, the crickets could perceive them at a
distance, ajiun…..
Would you please stop your galloping bosom
from crying under that “coste”?
My eyes are red
And my lips is quavering
to kiss the moon and star of body.
If I should journey down your darkened pit and
spit on it,
If I should black and white your face
to perish your face with kisses,
If I should spend a whole of tonight on you,
Conceal the truth that hid under your moan,
Tickle my tongue through your spine,
Dirty you with silent sorry,
do not worry,
just put the blame on me,
Ajiun jiun,
If mama asks you
tell her I have touched the don’t,
tell her my palm is the west of your body,
tell her, I have done and did a sum in your heart,
Just tell her the truth;
that you are still a virgin.
Mused copyright2017
All Rights Reserved.
*O ba mo si lo: you shouldn’t have gone.
*Arabinrin: young lady.
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