Nov 25, 2016
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Must read:::::I am mad again by Mused

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I am mad again:

Here Comes another gay conceived from the anus of a manly lesbian.
Here comes the word astray, I said astray to the strained perverts;
I am the little nibble of their tongues that spurts out venoms of incantations and spells life unto lifeless lives.

I am mad again
I am mad again
My fur is jumping out my skin
My hue is ripping in tons and tons scattering all over the space
pages by pages;
a phalanx scribbling bodies of intentional deeds;
I am a mystery,
I am a proposal,
I am a denial
and working muse.
I  am mad again
Ask those who knows me much better,
Seek my cocoon,
the hides and the echoes that radiates rhythmic bombs into the
hole of human soul;
You can’t  question the ghost of my absence
You can’t phantom the phase of those faces of footprints
lollipopping under the logjam of the future yet arrested.
You can call me a fool
Because, I am nude
and so foolish to differentiate being rude to being crude.
I am Mused!
I am mad again
with logo that pictures truth and hope;
Again, I am mad because I loiter words for the blind to perceive,
neither have I spoken of words, I haven’t written.
So long a distance hath my eyes traveled and sailed amidst oceans and seas of happiness and sadness.
So clever,
I am to have respected being a loner my way,
Extraordinarily, irrespective of phew and hisses;
I have washed my feet and palm with my own saliva
and petrol myself into greater hopes.

This is no phantasy,
You can’t assume me
or pervade the illness of my personality.
The genesis of my revelation is the revelation to my genesis
I am nil, but, a vector of goodbyes.
I am a river flowing that never turns back,
I vanish, here I come;
I am mad again,
Do not argue with me,
I am mad again.


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