Dec 1, 2016
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My open letter to December!!!

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        Hello my humble friend, that people tagged with
the name of unfortunate month, Due to the
suffix at the back of your name “Ember”. How have you been? it quiet a while people do say..”Oju ti tun arari”. Hope your journey isn’t that stressful and hope the traffic behind the likes of 11 trailer isn’t that hectic?(Jan-Nov). If so thanks God!
          The reason behind this my letter this year is to ask whether you’ve come with all the thrill as you do come in all those years! Do you remember that man with the white hair that always travel with you from Rohm(Santa-clus). I guess you the did not leave him behind and hope he did not forgot all his gift? Nigeria kids are waiting for the gift, and this time there should be money because presently in our country there is recession! I guess you did not also forget that pretty young lady that do come before Jesus.. usually a Sunday that preced Christmas “Christmas Carol” tell her we are so sorry that we may not be able afford candle that will fit in for her singing style but surely NIGERIANS no dey carry last na firewood go do am last last afterall isn’t it for fire to some out?

          To the December born that will never burn , to all people that will end the birthday activities in this month, To all my family decemberites and friend decemberites.Mrs L.O.Adekanmi(iya awon ade{my mum}), Olowoporoku Ayomide, Ranti, Adekanmi damola Ojb, Adewuyi bose, Alamu barakat, Mr Bayo-Martin Adekanmi, Mrs Damola-Martins Adekanmi, Miss Tiwa-Martins Adekanmi and all I could not mention Happy birthday to all in advance.
         Lastly, hope you are with Mary too, mother of Jesus, she is the only female to give birth frequently after Jesus departed 2016years ago , Hope brother holy spirit has impregnated her
again?Hope Bro Joseph did abscond,, Hope Mary’s family did not order her to abort it? If so thank God. It time for you to give birth again!
       My high regards to you fellow upcoming month and enjoy your stay with us!!!

Have a nice time December!


Welcome December!!!


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