Jan 14, 2017
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Watch his moves, Okonbi has gone mad again;
He is drunk in power of the politician.
Look at his shoes dangling on his head,
His socks on his palm, counting the cars.
Move away from his grip, move away!
He could blind you with his ‘Sokoto’ that swings here and there.

Okonbi has gone mad again like our husband!
Okonbi said he will go to the sky tomorrow,
Okonbi said he was in the moon yesterday,
Okonbi said he knows the number of hair on his head; yes, Okonbi has gone crazy under our nose.
He said he will beat up his mother and unmask
The thousand evening with his spoken words.

Okonbi has gone into another skin rather than his,
Look at him removing his ‘Sokoto’ in front of those children!
Okonbi, mother is weeping at the backyard for your sake.
Okonbi! Return to the old fold of sanity where
Manners humble itself to the generational wisdom.
Yesterday saw our deeds and today shall we smile.

Hold Okonbi’s hands, hold it with a chain,
Hold his teeth but don’t chain it, he will eat with it.
Nature has dealt with us without mercy,
Okonbi, once a magical rain of the rainbow
Saving the knight of the hopeful sky to love
Has gone to the kingdom of flies to fly.

Oh, I weep for that young succulent lad of promise,
Okonbi! Okonbi!! Okonbi!!!
Go not with that madness in methods it does not run in the family blood.
Heaven skips the heartbeat of the sun that shines,
Okonbi! Okonbi!! Okonbi!!!

Our Okonbi has gone mad again since he sat with that governor.
Does madness run in the game of politics?
Hold Okonbi’s teeth and fingers which look like tiger’ claws; hold it before he demage your eyes!
Okonbi, what substance do they mix in wine for you?
Okonbi has gone mad again like our husband.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
All Right Reserved 2016

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