May 5, 2017
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Omisore: Uncommon Politician, Seasoned Professional

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That Iyiola Omisore is established as a political thought leader and has endeared himself to the electorate across all professionals and social class is without doubt.  Love him or hate him, he for many decades maintained his leadership and extensive political network, impacting on development, business and more famously in relation to political permutations within and across parties.   This leadership of thought and popular engagement is firmly established within the South-West region of Nigeria, and without any doubt holds sway in Osun State, his home base.  A royal and a professional, Omisore’s strength of character and purpose has been tried several times, yet this giant sails gallantly, maintaining through it all his humanity and purpose.  It is there of very little surprise, some would love to wish it were different, especially those who have interests in spins and alternative facts as the basis for achieving goals that only satisfy self at the expense of society and collective wellbeing.  Yet Baba Alagbado remains undeterred identifying with the jubilant population Osun state welcome him from community to community in jubilant expectation chant ing ‘Omi oooo!  Omi jijoooo!’ (It’s Omisore! It Is Omisore please!!).
Omisore had established his pedigree as a seasoned and certified engineer long before his foray into politics.  His commitment to lifelong learning is evident in the strides he has made to expand both competencies and skills.  In his biography, Omisore presents laurels from premier institutions worldwide.  The deep calls to the deep and very few of our recent political analysts can identify with this depth, especially when their perception is coloured by opposing political affiliation that lack similar depth and drive for excellence.
Omisore’s long standing commitment to humanity is also revered for across the country.  A completely detribalised philanthropist, humanity is at his core!  Largely un-trumpeted, Omisore has over so many years provided support in health, education as well as the empowerment of young people to develop both small and medium scale industries.  His residences remain the point for networking for many indigenes of Osun state, to networks with opportunities that Omisore relentlessly provides through his own network of business associates, professional colleagues and politicalwithin and without.  It is therefore not a surprise that others have identified his constantly rising profile, and the higher pedestal he is placed by his people, as the suffer from impoverishing clueless and bankrupt governance of a judicial governor, who has neither skills nor any education he is able to validate in the public space.
Osun State prepares for another election.  Omisore and his team prepare in the way only the educated, informed and the wise can do.  Omisore has opened himself up as he has never done before. He is confidently addressing misconceptions, challenging falsehood about his work and life, driving out shadows and calling the electorate to see him in ways he had until now held private.  This is surely a good development, as the Nigerian governance firmly evolves from the kleptocracy to accountable democracy.  The vision and clarity of thought of Dr Iyiola Omisore is to be celebrated.  He goes much further, calling for engagement, listening to the challenges and much more engaging across stakeholders to identify innovative opportunities to reverse the damage of the recent in all spheres of life in the state.
It is pertinent at this point to also call to mind the business dexterity of Omisore.  A prudent investor, he has had extensive engagement across industry, pre-dating his political exposure and life.  A manager of resources and persons, he has uncommonly among other political giants, kept his business concerns viable.  His core companies in Engineering – Chrisore Limited and Mechelec Consultants Limited, are highly sought after, local and international.  They companies have built an enviable portfolio of successfully implemented infrastructure projects.
Without any grain of doubt, feeble hearted deceptive charlatans, who have usurped leadership again and again through dodgy judicial processes, and yet have not much to show to their electorate, must tremble and fear at Omisore’s clear thinking and sense of purpose.   Increasingly, the political benefit accruing to them from the sad unfortunate death of his mentor and leader, Chief Bola Ige, former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, is being eroded by truth and the weight of evidence, including those of a legal process and acquittal by the courts that exonerates Senator Omisore of any complicity in this process.   A few last words, our people are changing!  Our people call for not only slogans but also transparent, impactful and accountable governance.  Politics in Nigeria increasingly is no longer going to respond to leadership by patronage.  Citizens are demanding for much more.  Omisore is positioned to be a key fulcrum and actor in this process that satirical sarcasm cannot stop.
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