Jul 13, 2017
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[Poem] Wavy Thought – Popoola Ayobamidele

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Brethren, let us drink
Let us drink the moment away
Let us drink to unforseen celebration yet to come.
With each gourd brought in,our sorrow is delayed.
With each gulp we escape the harsh reality of life
And boast of imagined triumph
We roar in dumb laughter
And stamp our feets on the devil’s head
To the dead jokes cracked by like minds
With a rhythmic velvet touch
The palm wine massages my lungs.
And I dive into my thick thoughts.

Let my power be compared to the gods.
and not to the politicians
Let the fuel price be fuelled
Let the currency shyly hide from the masses
Let the food stuffs become gold let the radio yell of invisibly recovered billions
Let our hearty president play hide-and-seek
Let poverty climb to the peak
Let the slayers slay
Let the boys’ clients pay
As long as my calabash is filled to brim
I will look forward to my wife’s call
Or perhaps the judgement day.


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