Sep 29, 2016
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Power vs Experience by HighJustice♡☆

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Power vs Experience

Power to me it just our personal ability to deal with
a certain issue at any time. while Oxford dictionary
defined it as ability to do something it entail use
of strength in dealing with something….It usually
tagged with physical phenomena…..
Experience on the other hand to me is way to use
yesterday to solve today phenomena and provide
hint about what tomorrow will be……It using the
past to solve the present in relation with the
future……..Oxford dictionary stated the meaning
as practical contact and observation of fact or
event…..or KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS gained over
In our recent world people often rely on their
power more than consulting their experience which
seems like their history whicy actually give insight
to power on how we should deal with a certain
agony we are passing through…..
☆Power is like the bell we jingled to scared away
the creatures that exist in the jungle we are
passing through…..Experience is silent and very
slow in dealing with any senerio but it perfect
them to their perfection….
☆Power announce itself even when it doesn’t
succeed, While Experience succeed at it silent
mood…..In dealing with phenomena we should
emplore our experience with our power that will
give us a perfect result……
☆Experience deal with things peacefully while
power some times do things in violence………
In experience we achieve all with power we achieve
limited things…………
Note:- Power should Give aid to Experience to
settle all things in a polite manner……..I beam my
silence at this junction……Power should be
subjected to Experience not power dominating over

# HighJustice♡☆♡☆

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