Dec 19, 2016
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Rumpled Leaves by Akinwale Peace

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Rumpled leaves.

Days when my foe feigned friend loved me;
and I had noth’ng but to love him,
but then I had planted some seeds
and I hoped to have friendly leaves.
But then the tree grew friendly leaves,
and I plucked them like rumpled leaves.

But then my foe came as a friend
and the tree I took as my friend;
My foe that feigned friendly as friend
came with his evil painless trend:
The tree I sowed to be my friend
and dreamt not of it’s started end.

The tree I sowed with lovely hate:
he came and tasted it distaste;
He hewed it down with love distaste
and smiled at my pains’ in love hate;
He was someone I lovely hate,
He left with my rumpled leaves waste’.

“words from the innocent mind”
                Philip Peace

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