Nov 1, 2016
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Skulls after skulls: By Mused2016

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Skulls after skulls:

Petrified hunter wouldn’t hide bush meat on his way home
A farmer wouldn’t keep to himself gatherings from the farm after harvest
“Skulls After Skulls”
“Emptiness after vanity”.
Skulls After Skulls”
Split homes
Bombed walls
Broke mirrors
Haunting dreams of pleasant phases
Of dreams of pleasant phases
Of dreams.

Gallant sneaking eyes
Hiding under the collar of the night
Prodding the stairs of calamity
Dungeons are lived by prodigals
Tormented and banished by self will
Skulls After Skulls”
“Emptiness After Vanity”.

My heart sank, the day I lost my sight
Darkness surfaced my eyes
The path I tread for years
A pinch in a life time journey
Where dream for the dreadful abides and awaits
The glorious survivor,
Skulls After Skulls
Death lays an ambush
On prey
Blood flooded ground
The soil was dizzy.
Emptiness After Vanity”
Murder’s wings
And its appraisal
Sung by the lamenting souls
Of “Skulls After Skulls”
Who died after another name was named
“Skulls After Skulls”
“Emptiness After Vanity”
Hurrying life
When life itself is a place of death.


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