Sep 10, 2016
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Story by HighJustice-Journeyed my dream

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Journeyed my dream

I had wandered on this land of virtue, which I walked upon hills and valleys in my best and worst. I had travelled along the banks of many rivers but It occurred to be vanity. On the journey I embarked on not quite long, it exist on an island. I wish I governed this gorgeous island, the sun that shine shows up with a considerable temperature, which allowed activities of all creatures to be executed at their leisure and pleasure.
Along this journey I wandered about, it seems to me like a difficult puzzle that has no way to assemble. On this journey, I thought I was alone but God made my case synonymous to that of Adam, which he made for me a woman from soil on the island. In my sleep I heard that footstep that plodded towards me slowly in motion. i woke up from my sleep, a queen with sun-glass figure stood in front of me, I summoned my half-dead body from the underworld which had dwell all night. Starring at her stole away my affection, In her touches I lost my ratiocination, I fell from a tower of love taller than that of babel. I had always loved her and she love me too, fortune of love smile on us. If only I was rich I would bring the world beneath her feet.
The day I had wish to lie with her finally arrived, which has been my desire of ages. In haste I mesmerized her urges with mine, plodded towards her widely open thighs in haste. Behold I heard that cruel voice of my Mum  ”Bayo, go and feed the fowls”, It was a bombshell. Rhetorically I asked myself, was it a mere journey I embarked on in my world of imagination?.  


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