Mar 27, 2017
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[Story] A Tales Of Imagination By Sir_HighJustice

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It was truly a hell journeying through the thick forest situated between her thigh. Benny, the girl of my dream, with whom my ratiocination has always been  sealed. She’s nothing but an epitome of beauty and true image of God’s perfection. Always with her walking step my brain journey to love world. It was actually a day full of fun, sitting down on that chair in my room, sitting adjacent to the fan to cool my brain, thinking about my lovely Benny.

 Suddenly. I could remember how much I wish to see her and visit her natural well dug by creator. All these fornicating thoughts were the content of my heart until I heard that knock on my door. I ran like a springbok to my door. Alas!, it was Benny. I could not believe what my eyes saw that day. Could this be a reflection of my thought? I quickly wanted to get rid of all doubt, so I touched her to see if my hand will make its way through her. But I later found out it was her.

Quickly I sat on chair only for her to sit on chair. By way of entertainment, I provided her with a bottle of chilled coke and gala which she gladly accepted without knowing what was inside the coke.

It was actually a great plan out of my dirty brain, to add a little quantity of sedative into her drink. As she sipped it, I was busy dressing through bed. Then we exchanged words with each other.
 She was really active at first which almost got me confused. I could remember the way her voice sounded that day, like that  of an angel.
Ahnnnn…she yarn at last, her eyes jams each other every second. Though I was happy but I got to act innocent. After she tried to cheat on  nature she fell off the chair. Then I carried her and plod towards my bed. In haste I undress my self and she stared at me with her eyes so dim. She could not help herself to escape. Then I undressed her and lay on her. Approach her with my angry cock, At least the ball seems to be in my side. As I inserted my cock into her vagina she screamed. I was very afraid thinking she was pretending. But then she made no move to antagonise my wish. My waist journeyed through 360 degree and I dwelt in a little paradise for some minute then, I heard my name later accompanied with a slap,  Thinking she is awake, Behold my brother laugh hysterically while watching making love with my bed full of hole. The he told me, won’t you join us for the morning devotion?


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