Dec 22, 2016
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A graduate of Accounting.

 (Episode 1)
(Based on a true Story)
A Must Read!!

This is how the story begun!!

……..We sat beside each other as we watched a
home video.
My heart pounding rapidly as i waited for him to
make the first move, but he simply sat beside me
like a log of wood, focusing all his attention to the
movie, which really got on my nerves….
“what is wrong with this boy?”
I wondered unhappily.
That fateful day truly was the third time i was
spending my evening with him, yet he failed to
notice my moves, instead behaved like a priest,
distancing himself from me as if i was an evil
Benjamin was an attractive wealthy male, who
caught my fancy right from the first day I packed
into the new lodge{hostel}.
Unlike most guys, he kept to himself and behaved
like a saint, winning my heart with his godly
But getting him to reciprocate my good gestures
towards him was a very hard task.
His intense behaviour soon began irritating me,
forcing me to make up my mind not to visit him
again after that fateful tuesday evening.
Because I had my pride to protect, which really
was more important than my fondness for him.
He was in 300 level, while i was in my 2nd year in
the university.

My feelings for him were really strong and divine,
but i couldn’t display my emotions the way i
wanted, without appearing cheap and disgusting.
Finally by 8pm, the movie ended.
I sighed and got up from his bed,
“good night” i said to him unhappily, but
surprisingly, he held my hand strongly and looked
up at me with fire in his eyes,
“please don’t go yet, there is something i wish to
tell you” he pleaded.
I gazed into his eyes and smiled,
“finally he is living up to expectation” i reasoned,
“please sit down” he begged humbly. I rolled my
eyes and sat beside him,
“i know you do trust me alot, that’s why i’m the
only guy you always visit, but i can’t help it
anymore, i have tried holding back myself but
can’t any longer, because it’s killing me silently.
I have been dreaming and praying to have
someone like you. Please will you grant my
request and be my special friend??”,
“I have been in love with you from the very first
day i saw you” he pleaded nervously with shaking

I stared at him coldly even though i was very
happy inside.
“i don’t think it will be possible, let’s just be
friends” i replied and stood up.

He tried to draw my hand, but i snatched it from
his grasp,
“goodnight we will see tomorrow” i murmured,
gave him one last look and left for my room.
I rushed to my room, hugged my teddy bear
happily, and heaved a sigh of relief.
I was very much delighted.
“At last, hmmmm” I murmured happily, falling
asleep and dreaming of good times.


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