Dec 24, 2016
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The Christmas Poems

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Drop your poems as comments under this post .
Write anything about Christmas or welcoming Jesus,
if you still value his coming .

The best poem , gets a reward

Let the comments roll in now.

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Comments to The Christmas Poems


    Oh oh oh, loud cheers fr Santa Claus
    Who is Santa Claus?
    Knowledge of his existence
    Were sacrifices of fables and folklore

    One week of Roman festivity
    Birth us what we celebrate
    and with insincere and ungrateful hearts we appreciate
    that which was done for us on the twenty fifth,
    If grateful our salvation would reflect our gratitude

    A cross he carried more heavier than our rosary
    This signifies our sin which was his burden
    For no reason yet he was found guilty
    How then do you call Christmas an holiday

    is to us brethren just an holiday?
    Each year, his sacrifice; his act of giving
    Is to be appreciated, not idolised
    as pagans do, why have we fall to ignorance
    and forgotten the reason why we celebrate?

    Once every year we observe
    But we soon have forgotten Christ died for the masses,
    This be the reason for the name 'christ-mas',
    For freedom from sins we celebrate
    and not the annual festivity we now embrace.

    Oh oh oh Christ is here
    Loud cheers of tears
    He sacrificed himself
    That's the reason why Christmas is here.

    Sir.Tomisin Eshton

    oluwatomisin oyeleye December 24, 2016 11:29 pm Reply

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