Oct 31, 2016
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The Journe::Episode 4 by Boluwatife!!!

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 Episode four

The doctor continuously examine larinde’s body as he take down some information about his condition.
‘Doctor I hope he will be better? Bode a friend of larinde accompanied by his wife asked.
‘I can’t say,but I will try my possible best but that will be useful if only he comes out of Coma’
‘Doctor please do’ The doctor nod his head as he walks out of the room,Bode turns to his wife,she hold on to his hands to console him.
‘Dear don’t worry,he cannot die,I believe it,you both went for war and you returned alive,a little accident can’t eat him up’
‘If you say so,I believe’ she smiles to him to brighten up his face.
‘You are a Darling Lara,less I forget,have you contacted Stella?
‘Yes but I was unable to reach her, I noticed that she has been acting strange before your return but I talked to her not to get discouraged’ she paused and continued
‘You know larinde left few months after their wedding, I told her how I waited for you before and after we got married during wars and how we have lived happily with three kids,I thinks she doesn’t believe in her husband’
‘That is too bad,I wonder how larinde will feel,if he comes to know about this all,what a pity’
‘Let start going,the kids will be waiting, we can also take time to pray for the family’
‘Thank you sweetheart,let move’ they walk out leaving larinde with his fate struggling between life and death.
Stella packs up her bags, she was ready to leave larinde for good,she felt he doesn’t value if not he would have quit his job,she has waited for him for years,if she embrace him he will soon go again.As she walk out of the house she remembered the few moments she spent with larinde but she decide to walk over it.
Stella stops a cab,as she enters the words of Lara was like a flash through her mind.
‘No I can’t be like Lara, I can’t endure what she endured, it so painful and heartbreaking’ she sobs,she can’t go to her mum’s place,she had warn her not to marry a soldier, she believes that they die young but she refused because she was so much in love with him then,she was confused on what to do.


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