Oct 8, 2016
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Episode 1

Larinde returned home after five years from fighting war,with joy and melody in his heart he pack his stuffs into his huge army bag,he was grateful to God for his survival though he  had the conviction in his heart before the war started that he will survival.His country won the war,it was a great honour to be part of the victory.As he pack his stuffs with others doing the same,they crack jokes laughing out their hearts,some falling off their seats and reminding themselves of their life on the battle field,their joy ended with sorrow as they were reminded of their lost brethren,some ended up gnashing their teeth and crying like a baby.
After all the drama they all move out and where honoured by the governments and as many people as possible including those that their families and friends were around, those that were lost on the battle field had their people going home disappointed and heavy hearted,larinde was shattered his wife was no where to be found,where is his kid?
“he should be around four or is it a girl” he thought he was not sure but he knew he has a child.
“Or is it a twin? a boy and a girl,no two boys or two girls,am OK with anyone”he said to himself
“Or did she die at child’s birth no my God will not do that,I pray for her every moment of my life, she is the love of my life,God knows that she cannot die”he said to himself confidently.
“Maybe she is busy  preparing a special dish to welcome me and did not remember to come and pick me up”he smiled again. He walk out of the barracks after greeting his friends farewells.


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